Magic Knight Rayearth UJ Final Version [Region Free]

Sega Saturn Magic Knight Rayearth UJ Final Version and Region Free

Avaliable from December 2009 Worldwide :p

Major features:

Both- UJ and UJ Final Version:

All audio and video are in japanesse (speeches, voices, videos, music, se, ...) and all texts are in english (scripts, options, diary, ...).

Only in- UJ Final version:

Region Free means, that you don't have to use Saturn Region Patcher anymore.

World map is displaying now in english (in previous version was in japanesse).

“Hacked” from beggining, and i have used files from image, which is in better quality ( than in my previous version (

I think, that it's now perfect edition!!

Sorry for my poor english... but there's always better to write by myself than use translator program ^_^;


Front covers (U & J)



Back covers (U & J)



Discs (U & J)








Genre= Action RPG

Developer= Sega... & Rep_Plus_^-^

Released in= 1995(J)~1998(U), 2009(UJ)

Opinion from

One if not the first 2D RPGs released for the Sega Saturn way back in 1995 and still looks good now 9 years later. Magic Knight Rayearth is based on the anime of the same name and even features the original voice talents from the anime as well as cut scenes. Our three girls adventure starts out as a normal school trip to Tokyo Tower when suddenly they find them selves falling to the ground only to appear in Sefiro, a magical world of mystery and adventure. The three girls are told that only they can save Sefiro by Kurefu who gives them the powers of the three elements. Hikaro Shido (the main red haired character) becomes a user of fire, Umi Ryuzaki (blue haired heroine) becomes a user of water whilst finally the soft hearted and shy Fuu Houoji (green haired heroine) becomes a user of wind. Our heroine's make many friends on their journey including a cute little white rabbit type creature called Mokona (^v^) Of course when there's heroes there's enemies and Magic Knight Rayearth is no exception.

Magic Knight Rayearth is one of those RPGs were you really become one with the characters and actually feel sadness when something terrible happens. This is what I believe makes a good RPG. I've played so many RPGs that I couldn't care less about if the characters died or what ever but in Magic Knight you'll find yourself hoping for the best to happen to your heroine's. Magic Knight not only boasts a solid story with some well done cut scenes from the actual anime but also an amazing soundtrack being produced by the Saturn's amazing Yamaha sound processor. Some of the tunes are truly remembered. The visuals in Magic Knight Rayearth are also way above average for a 9 year old game and still look good compared to some of the Dreamcast's more modern 2D RPGs. I've played and finished Magic Knight Rayearth three times over the last 9 years. First in Japanese then the US God Awful edited and badly dubbed version and then again in Japanese. There's not many RPGs that I'd play more than once so Magic Knight Rayearth must be good ! By the way, it's nothing like the crappy Super Famicom Versions by Tomy.

Number of archives= 2 & Their size= 346MB & Extension= *.part**.rar, Unpacked size= 509MB & Type of image= iso/wav/cue

Download links (you may use program called jdownloader for download many files automatically; .sfv file is as attachment):



Please, if you would be kind enough, use this thread just to say thanks and comment on the game itself.


  • Magic Knight Rayearth UJ Final Region Free by Rep_Plus_^-^
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Magic Knight Rayearth UJ based on U release, but with major differences:

- japanesse audio (music, in-game voices, voice acting, ...),

- videos are from J release- better picture quality and of course no more crappy english voices,

- scripts are in english from U release (translation by Working Designs),

- diary is in english, but do not contains anymore crappy english voices,

- game has the same number of cut-scenes with speeches as in U release (in J release is more),

- you can skip any video pressing the start button, you can do more saves(=5) than in J release(=3),

- saves from UJ, U and J are compatible together, if you have files from J release just press on "Empty File", load one time it, and name of the save file in the next time will be displaying correctly in english...

Is everything more clear :)?
I think I've seen this sort of thing called an "undub"; basically the idea is to take a localized English release and put the Japanese speech back in.
Awww, I was hoping for a re-translation. Apparently working designs did a horrible job. They screwed up on a bunch of name translations and what not apparently. I was hoping this would fix that :)
No idea. The originals were never hosted at SX, just the now defunct megaupload.

There is the "Magic Knight Rayearth Undub" floating around, and also much much easier to come by, they're not the same release though.
Yeah, that's the previous version. The so called "UJ Final Version [Region Free]" seems like it wasn't preserved outside the old/deleted links and the user who did it is nowhere to be found.

Sounds to me like this would have to be redone again, although the real improvement the Final Version did was having the map screen text from the localized verison of instead of the Japanese one, it seems.
There are a few more things I'd love to see in a hypothetical future revision. Especially...

game has the same number of cut-scenes with speeches as in U release (in J release is more),

It would be great to be able to restore all the voice acting from the Japanese release! The voices are still on the disc; it'd take some editing of the script file to reenable playing them.
Yep, that's right! The English version has voice acting in the intro and a couple of cutscenes, while the Japanese version has voice acting throughout the entire game for every named character.
Not a stupid question at all!

Neither option is easier or harder than the other. Both versions of the game include all of the voice files. What needs to be updated is the script files, since the English version's scripts removed the references to the voices.
I think what is most useful would be adding English subtitles to the FMV cutscenes so that the plot is easier to follow. That would make this version preferable over the WD release.
Hi, I've burnt the UJ Final Version years ago. Turns up the disc is still working. I don't know if this is what you are looking for, so I did a rip and uploaded it here: MKR-UJ-Final-RegionFree

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Header Information Taken From a Sega Saturn CD:

CD Label: MKR-UJ-Final-RegionFree
Game Title: MAGIC KNIGHT RAYEARTH                                                                                           
Manufacturer ID: SEGA TP T-127
Serial Number: T-12706H
Version: V1.000
Internal Date: 19981103
Device Information: CD-1/1
Area Code(s): JTUBKAEL
Peripheral Code(s): JE
Total Number of Tracks: 2
Total Number of Data Tracks: 1
Total Number of Audio Tracks: 1
Creation Date: 2009/12/16
Creation Time: 14:43:03:00
Modification Date: 2009/12/16
Modification Time: 14:43:03:00
Effective Date: 0000/00/00
Effective Time: 00:00:00:00
Expiration Date: 2009/12/16
Expiration Time: 14:43:03:00

Manually Added Information (Found Directly on the CD):

CD Made In: ??????????
Matrix Information: ??????????

Full Header:

T-12706H  V1.00019981103CD-1/1 
JTUBKAEL        JE             

Table of Content:

Track 01:      Data Mode 1     LBA: 0    (sector: 150)
Track 02:         Audio        LBA: 259596    (sector: 259746)
Lead Out:                      LBA: 260731    (sector: 260881)
Last sector: 260880