Making VHS Quality VCDs


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Hey guys, I'm curious as to how I can make VCDs that are VHS in quality. I wsa reading VCD Help, and it said that the quality will be the same as the source video. Bah... What can I do? I wanna make VCDs that are VHS quality in picture AND sound. Bah... What to do...
you can never get a signal in better quality than the source.. the data is lost, no way to get a better quality anymore.


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I've found that anytime I make a vcd... only anime ones come out any good... live action stuff never comes out good at all. I've also found that a lot of times the subtitles are too low down and get cut off -_-;

In any case, assuming you have better source maybe svcd or something like that would be better? My dvd player only plays regular vcd so I've never bothered to look into any of the other vcd stuff.