MAMED DC new version

Can Anybody here get the thing working??? Ive got the KOS screen and then, blank, well there are some arrows there but thats for the roms, which are on the cd too.

BTW i felt like posting here instead of dcemulation for a change. If there are any ppl here that are regulars on teh dcemu board my user name there is Gamera Supermonster
You lamer.

Let me guess, the neogeo roms give you a blank screen, right? That's because the Dreamcast can't emulate them unless someone changes the current form of emulation.

Anyways, this mame is still in beta stages.

And I seriously doubt these kind of messages are allowed in this forums...

WTF im asking if anybody got it actually loaded fine!! Me LAMER??? Judging ppl kinda quick arent you. Im perfectly aware of DC's Ram restrictions and the whole NEOGEO situation(as i am with the 64)so dont be such a biggot. Anyways i know its in Beta stages (wouldnt you have a ball if i complained that DreamSNES was too slow), i program myself so I know all the BS you are trying to feed me. And no im not talking about isoz or how to get roms so its not against any rules that i read here. Oh and by the way i have about 60 DC games.....guess how many are burned(not including like every emu, even beta ones, out there, which i have) 0 are burned, I can get them, i just choose not to. And dont even dare calling me a newbie.
You're not a newbie, you're Fresh meat

If you get a blank screen when loading a rom, then maybe you have the wrong romset. Remember that the guys of MAME force you to change the romsets when they upgrade the drivers. Just look the compatibility list to check that the rom should work, or you would be wasting your time.
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