Master System Games And Convertor

Hey i am offering some Sega Master System games that i no longer need............ill take $5 each or ill trade em all for something for Saturn, i have 6 games i think
plus a convertor that allows u 2 play Master System games on your Megadrive all games except for 2 come with cases. For the Convertor ill take $10, i am also selling a joystick for Sega Master System as well, i will also take $10 for if anyone is interested in a trade or buying some of this off me get back asap.

i need to sell them soon
I got

California Games 2

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Super Tennis

Mortal Kombat

G Loc

Ace Of Aces

and the Master System to Mega Drive Convertor

and a Quick Shot Arcade Controller

All Items are For The Sega Master System and Are Pal Region