Me post first me post first!


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Good idea for a forum
. I'm determined not to miss out on PSO again, gonna gets me the Gamecube version.
As I said in the DC forum, I'd much rather play it on a Sega console but there's not much point starting out on it now.
New content is always nice eh? i agree with your feelings in theory, but its a vast improvement over the DC game, so i know where ill be (and broadband support is always nice, to have without needing to track down a hyper rare adapter)
I only have cable internet at home and I play PSO using my dc with it's modem. Never had a BB adapter nor do I need one. I'm very happy using my pc as a gateway (20 mins of setup work and you got the best damn modem connection you can get). High ping times from a modem connection...they all wonder how I do it.