Meeting of SX'ers


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A while back (ok, a long while back) something was going around that all the members of SX (in the Philly region, at the time there was a sizeable amount) were going to get together. Did that ever occur?

And I'm woefully out of the loop - where'd the great Reverend Quixo go? Another s/n? Etc.?


Hey MTX, long time no see. I haven't been here for a while as well, as a matter of fact, I completely forgot about his place. I wonder what happened to everybody. Like gameboy900, Revquixo, Bugula, Mo-threat, and Funkball. Remember the great Exodus and the video game rebirth? What happened?
Everyone is around cept for Funky, he disappeared without a trace more than a year ago, as far as meeting, Rev, Segadult and I crashed bugs wedding, but we are the only ones that have met.
Dman97 - I think we both dropped out as soon as that whole Exodus thing went to waste when somebody deleted the something-or-another.

I dunno, I understood then what Rev was talking about when he almost left and then came back - all this talk of 'the greater good' only gets you so far... after that, it just gets to be too much.

I hang around DirectConnect once in a while... haven't as of late with work and such (thanks to CrystalMethod).

But, it's nice to be back.

Yeah youre right, after the whole exodus thing went to waste, I just sort of forgot about the site and my Saturn. Although I still have hundreds of games lying around somewhere, all thanks to this site. As a matter of fact this site was the reason why I got my DSL connection in the first place, to rip and upload games (and download =) ) faster. Well its good to be back and see everyone again. BTW, if anyone cares, the old Rebirth message board is still up..check it out....
A get-together could be pretty cool if well organized. E3 would make a nice meeting place...Perhaps we should co-ordinate an E3 meeting for next year for anyone thats interested?

Crap! I guess the general public isn't allowed. I wonder what the requirements are? I work in the media, so I think I could go.
I say we just all meet at the person's house who has the biggest t.v.

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3rdman, the only ways to get into E3 are to:

A. Be a game dedsigner/artist/programer, or anything else to do with the creation or distribution or games.

B. Control a well known web site that talks about new and upcomming games, or someone in the press.

C. Know somone that is one of the above, or have contacts.

Some comic sites such as I belive have also got passes from companies such as bioware because they talked obout some of their games in the sites comics.
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I say that we meet on irc. ;)
Have you ever seen me on IRC?
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You ever notice that it says "Fell" instead of "feel"? Is it me or is this typo?
Mysticales: If it is you, may I FELL your FLEASH?!

BTW, AFAIK, flesh is only misspelled on the Saturn versions (SFA2 & SFA2G).