Mega CD newbie question?????

I know you guys probably know the answer to this, but being new to the Mega CD emu scene I just need some things sorting out.

I am currently looking to buy a european Mega CD and would like to know what procedures I need to do to play copied games...if possible.

As I have the US Snacher version downloaded and woould like to know if its possible.

Thanx :)
To play US games on a Euro MCD all you need is the tool SCDConv. It changes the country code of most games and works best with US->Euro conversions.

And thats it :) No swapping, no modboards. Easy :).

Just don't burn the games too fast (like, less than 8x).

(Edited by Curtis at 6:55 pm on Mar. 27, 2002)
yep, scdconv works with most games but not all, there is a mod available to let you select which bios you need, and therefore which region. Arakon sells them for $35, and i will get one eventually :)