mega cd scdconv2.5 help


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Hello every 1. i am a newbee to this site so hope some 1 here can help?

I downloaded the SCDCONV2.5 for converting sega mega cd's from usa to

europe, however when i try to use the program it jyst keeps saying PUT IN THE FILE NAME OR LOCATION and so on. i have tryed everything to get it to work

but i just dont know the command line to put in.

Iv tryed this... c:\Documents and Settings\paul angie\Desktop\sega\

Thats where is iso is. and then the name of the is right? sega\sonic

Is this right or is there more to it. any help would be good, and i have a good link to sega mega cd iso's if any 1 id interested. ill check back in a few days and post the link.

over and out :)


Ban Hammered
Well can any 1 tell me where or what this new program is called?


Just how to get scdconv2.5 up and working?

Please don't link to any games


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Thanx for the download but it lookes like tha same program i was trying to work in the first place , so i ask again, what commands do i type in, eg. would it be something like.............. C:\gaga games\sonic.iso ?

If some 1 even has a read me file on scdconv or other programs like this.

OH and whilst sufring the big old bad web last night came across another program called SATURN COUNTRY CODE CONVERTER which it says also works for mega cd's.. so i click on open iso file and select the iso i want (sonic) it shows up t the bottom the name of the iso and make, then i click on a choice of to make it into europe from american and press PATCH ISO FILE , but it comes up with... can't find area string................dammmmmmmmmmmmm

Any ideas people????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
When it asks you for the file name, you need to enter the full path of the ISO you want to convert. If the file is in the same directory as the program then you can just type the filename. This filename can't have any spaces.

After you've done that, there will be 2 menus and you just type in the appropriate numbers corresponding to your choices.

Once hte conversion is done, there will be a file called output.iso in the same directory as the program. This is the converted version of the game.


Ban Hammered
MASK OF DESTINY, thank you ....i just tryed what you said and it worked, well its worked for sonic, thats made my day cause i just got a mega cd 1 as well as my existing mega cd2 and wanted the disks to play in em. ;)

So thanx to every 1 thats tryed to help anyway............