Mega Drive / Genesis controllers on Saturn

The sega development bulletins says that the saturn is compatible with genesis controllers.

Jacques from BlueRetro tested it in the bios:

The Saturn switched from the old DE-9 connector to a custom 9 pin connector. The interface remains the same, however. The Saturn BIOS actually support all the devices including the Genesis ones. Simply making a DE-9 to Saturn cable will allow using 3btns, 6btns (including extra btns), the mouse and even the Team Player multitap in the BIOS! All Saturn devices are supported too including keyboard and multitap.

I went a step further and tested it with a bunch of games.
And to my surprise some of them supported the device!



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I wonder what happens if you connect a megadrive/megacd mouse, playing Virtua Cop with that baby size mouse would be fun ;)
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According to Jacques the genesis and saturn mouse are the same device with just different connectors.
So support in games are the same.
I don't have a mouse to test :/


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The lack of L/R shifts makes this of limited use.

By the way, prototype Saturn pads were simply 6-button Genesis pads but with an extra button hacked on them to act as the L shift.