Mega Turrican

A great game in a great series, though for me the best one is Turrican 2 on the C64 on grounds of sheer technical brilliance if nothing else. (Three layers of parallax on a one-layer screen? That's got to be Manfred Trenz!)

Unfortunately the license is no longer owned by Factor 5, and although Manfred has talked about doing a clone for the GBA nothing has come of it, at least yet. It's kind of a shame that the 3D Turrican game was cancelled, it would have been interesting to see how it compared to the coming Metroid game.
I need to point out that mega turrican is a port of an amiga game named turrican III;

although mega turrican is great ,

the music greatly suffered in the port.

I still hope there will be a turrican 3d on cube!

I read quite a while ago that there would be 2 turrican3d by different people:

- 1 from manfred trenz, original turrican author, but not involved in 16bit versions: his one will sport the name turrican3d.

-1 from factor 5, who did all the 16 bit turricans, sporting the name thornado.
This page has some pictures of Manfred Trenz' cancelled Turrican 3D game, and Factor 5 still lists Thornado as being in production. Thornado was originally destined for the N64, and considering Factor 5's recent work a change of platform to Gamecube is an easy guess.

The company which owns the rights to the Turrican name seems to be Softgold who apparently transformed into THQ Entertainment GmbH. Why THQ didn't want to complete Turrican 3D is anyone's guess, but is probably related to the fact that they're crap.

Another site with info and some pics is Turrican Forever.

Oh, and about Turrican 3 vs. Mega Turrican, you're wrong! Turrican 3 is the port, Mega Turrican the original.
oups, I apologise....

it would explain that the palette is rather strange and limited for an amiga game.

what made me wrong was that the music is way way way better on amiga.
I know Turrican from the Commodore Amiga...

Never played the genesis version.

Anyway, the Commodore version is good!
Where does Universal Soldier stand in the series? Thats the only one I played and finished. I understand it's one of the Turrican games but the developers just changed a sprite or two and slapped a liscence on it.
Universal Soldier is a conversion/update of Turrican 2. I have no idea why Accolade decided to do the kind of violence to the game that they did, maybe they lost the Turrican license but kept the rights to a partially finished port or thought Turrican just wasn't known enough in the US? Either way it's supposed to be a poor port (the code is based on Accolade's Turrican 1 port, which wasn't very good) but it's the only version of Turrican 2 on the Megadrive.
One of the best games I´ve ever seen in Megadrive.

The background graphics were very detailed, the scroll was smooth and the Chris Huelsbeck´s music excellent.

It is light years from the Turrican from Accolade.
I just don't get it.

I thought this was the absolutely worst Genesis game I had ever played. Sorry. The character was tiny. It looked like a bad NES side platformer. And it was way to o difficult. I die almost immediately.

Still, I see so much praise for it here. I have played it over and over and I keep thinking this is some sarcastic joke because the game is the worst thing I have ever played on the Genesis. It doesn't take advantage of the hardware.

Do I need instructions or something to better appreciate it? Please someone give me some insight to better understand what is likeable about Mega Turrican?
I take back my previous comments about the game. I was confusing it with "Turrican". I have never played Mega Turrican. I finally took a good hard look at the cart I was playing and realized there are 2 of them. Sorry.

Is there a big difference between the two?
Yes. Accolade's Turrican is a bad conversion of the first game in the series. Mega Turrican is a sequel specially made for the Megadrive (later converted to the Amiga as Turrican 3). If you find Mega Turrican somewhere I seriously recommend checking it out.