MegaCD 2 Power Supply question

Hi all!

A friend gave me a Mega CD2
but without the power supply, I read on the back the megacd that uses 10V 1.2A but I can't see the correct polarity for the jack.. if inside the jack is negative or positive, and then, I can't try to make me one to test if the unit is ok. ???

Someone can help me ?

Best regards

A. Baez Quevedo

P.D:Sorry about my bad english but insn't my native language
Hi again:

Thank Csaba for your support!, at the end, i open the megacd2 and check for the fuse, that is ok, desoldering the LM7805, that is in the megacd and thas is a Nec part, very difficult to desoldering, because have a big disipator, and all are ok
, check with a multimeter and see that the inside of the power jack must be negative :
: . Then I use a 10v power supply and the Megacds runs!!!

I use a Megadrive I with a Megacd II, then i can't use the power supply of the md1 because is 10 VA, not 10V, no problem if someone use this, because the frecuency is so high to break the voltage adaptor (LMS)...

Thanks for all!

Best Regards

A. Báez Quevedo

P.D.: Sorry about my bad english, but isn't my native language.