Megadrive RGB SCART lead

I have been trying to make an RGB SCART lead for my megadrive (model 1) after doing the 50/60Hz mod.

I got the pinout details from GameSX, however, I cannot get a picture displayed on my TV. The lead is working properly as I tested it on my DC, but I simply cannot get an RGB picture from the Megadive.

Can the RGB & sync outputs be fed directly into the SCART socket, or do I need some other circuitry inbetween?

Any help would be appreciated :-/

(Edited by Eleven of 9 at 1:58 pm on Dec. 6, 2001)
the MD1 pinout on gamesx is reversed (the pic is seen from the plug, not the system). switch the left and right side around and you should be set. you will also need a 75 ohm resistor on the R, G and B lines, or the pic will be way too bright.

It now works perfectly, I have been playing Mega Bomberman in all it's 60Hz RGB glory :)

Something curious I did find though, was that it would only work if a resistor of at least 500r was placed in seies with the sync output. I don't know why this would be the case, but it works anyway.

Anyway, thanks again :)