memory blast

Anyone remember the sega channel and had it?

i just remembered having the sega channel and playing games on it all the time.
I remember seeing commercials, and billboards advertising it when it was around, but i never had it....i'm surprised no one has found a way to turn this gadget into a ROM loader..


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I had one. That thing was the SHIEEEET! I loved my sega channel. I would stay up all night at the first of every month so I could see the games update. It was too bad that sega dropped support for it after about a year...


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It began in.. 1995? I think. It ran for about two or three years. 1997 or 1998 was when it was cancelled. I think Summer 1997.


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Originally posted by Yceman@Jun 2, 2003 @ 03:27 AM

Hmm... What is this Sega Channel? never heard of it before

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i remember that and i also remember seeing the lil boxes you'd plug into the genesis it was sweet it almost made me buy a genesis instead of a saturn yes i owned a model 2 right from the store, retail it was really really expensive they had a virtua boy for sale beside the saturns.

Sega channel: basically a cable television channel that broadcast games that you could play over your genesis.


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Wow, somebody must have been a hardcore fan of SegaChannel. I wish i would of had it. $12.95 for unlimeted gameplay of almost anygame was great. Could you save your game though? like on an RPG or did they not have RPGs to choose from?


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There were RPG's but sadly you could not save unless it was a password type game.

The Sega Channel signal originates in Denver, CO. It is carried over the Galaxy-7 satellite, located 91.0 degrees W longitude using transponder 1 with horizontal polarization. It is then delivered to individual cable providers. It is currently in three major markets: Dallas, TX., Los Angeles, CA., and Atlanta GA

Woah scientific Atlanta. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the sega channel was circa 1997 and scientific atlanta now makes digital cable boxes. What else were they making then? Wouldn't it be weird if that's how the company got started?
all i know was it was sweet i remember entering the torns they had and how at first i was paying for it then i stopped and my dad continued to pay for it.

I too waited till the games changed every month


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Maybe they were just a little ahead of their time, or maybe alittle too archaic for anytime... fmv games... downloadable games... online play out of the box... the activator... add-ons hehe...