Memory Cards and Controllers


Mid Boss
Hello all,

Only recently have I gotten into my DC (as you may have read from the Saturn board). In any event...

First thing: I have an Interact DC gamepad. It seems perfect for MVC2 (similar layout to Saturn/Genesis, etc) but I've read that certain controllers blowout systems. Has anyone encountered this issue with this pad? I know Interact, and have tons of their controllers for the PC (Quality stuff), but one can never be too careful... to clarify, it's from RadioShack.

Second: I've run out of VMU / Mem card space. Well, technically I have 34 blocks left - however, this isn't enough for several of the games I want to save. Are there any recommendations for 2M/ 4M cards (ie Nexus)? Are these cards prone to the same issues as the controllers (ie 'blowing up' the DC)?

Lastly, I love NFL and NBA 2K1, however, it states it needs a VMU to save. Specifically, does it require an actual VMU or can it save under, say, a Nexus 4M card? And does VMU play calling still work if saved on a, i.e., Nexus card?

Thanks for all help in advance...
I have performace 4x cards and they work great, but if you wanna do play calling you have to have an official memory card in the one slot so you have the screen. the only controllers that make things blow up seem to be arcade sticks, so stay away from them!