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You guys now have permission to upload your own avatars to my server. The option is in "My Controls" under "Edit Avatar Settings". Have fun and don't abuse her.

Thanks Ice. This is great because I don't have my own web space, or I do have geocities, but that doesn't really count. Hey, are the avatars are a lot smaller or is it just me?
They're actually correctly sized now (they were always this big, just forced to be double sized in the html), but I guess they could always be doubled again to the size they were before.
Originally posted by Djidjo@Jun 17, 2003 @ 01:48 PM

Iceman, could you allow to upload a PNG picture as an avatar ?

Thanks !

Djidjo, open source format supporter

It should have already been enabled...

Also, GIF should have been dead years ago, but thanks to the wonders of Internet Explorer, if you want to make a site compatible (or at least look proper) with/for most users, you can't use pngs.