Metal Gear Solid 2 Essay

Well, this is something I wanted to do for a while. if you haven't finished the game, it is not a recommended read though since there are a lot of spoilers. Otherwise, please take the time to read it and give some feedback.

It deals with a lot of themes from genetics to AI, in a natural language with no mumbo.jumbo.

Hope you like it.
I played MGS2 and i love it.I think its one of the best games i ever played.Everybody should play this game.It has something too many games don't have...and i don't mean the graphics.I saw the making of too.Kojima is a funny guy!(Makes it really hard to believe that he is behind this game)
Man, the only thing I can tell you is congratulations!

it´s really a great esay. Think you could extend yourself a bit more about the connections found in the MSG and the meme. But, anyway, you can always write a book later. :D

The best thing about this esay is to show ppl that what is usually considered as "low" entertainment and that should never be considered as a mature, adult theme or an intelectual production. Maybe that in 50 yrs or so this industry will have the same respect as the cinema one.

sorry for typos, bad english..


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Thanks a lot for taking the time to read it. I really appreciate.

As of now, the essay is complete in its minumum sense. I expresed in all the fields I had in mind while writing it... but it is indeed far from complete in a more general sense. I will try improving it and developing some sections even more, just need some time (I wrote it while I was ill at home for 2 days....)

Later and Thanks for the feedback.

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Quote: from MasterAkumaMatata on 6:18 pm on Mar. 15, 2002

Hope you like it.
I liked it; it was a good read. It reminded me of my Philosophy class back in college.

BTW, I read it because I don't intend to play the game.

My Philosophy classes (not in college though, in highschool), were boring...... although the subjects were alright. I would have liked something like you had then =) I was reading the book "Sofias Verden" (Sofia's world in english?), and would have liked to read that, written that way, a long time ago.