Mickey Mania


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This was the second platform game I played on the Sega CD system.  That first level was sooo cool when everything went from b&w to color.  The rest of the game was neat too.  Great music, gfx, and gameplay.

What do you think?
I loved it, I have played far better platformers, but the little touches you mention made it a great game. The moose chase bit sticks in my mind in particular.

To be honest I found the MegaDrive version technically more impressive than the Mega-CD one, because most of the graphical trickery was still intact! Great bit of programming, but you wouldn't expect less from the developers of Sonic R!
I enjoyed the Sega-CD version, there was another version (snes?) that wasn't as good though.  I loved the crisp graphics and the smooth scrolling action
I remember renting the Genesis version of this game back in the day. It was a very enjoyable game. At the time I thought graphiclly it was well done. Gameplay was interesting, playing throughout the history of Mickey Mouse's greatest moments. If I were to rate it on a scale of 1-10, I'd probably give it an 8.
i loved it.great graphics,animation and sound.the only gripe i have with games like this is that to me they dident have a high replay value.once ive played them three or four times,i dont touch them for ages.maybe its just me.
This is (for me) the 2nd greatest mickey mouse game, next only to the AWESOME "mickey mouse in the castle of illusion" for Genesis too.

Its worth the price, you can get a copy for decent price....
Yeah, I have to agree with Suppa. Although I thought Mickey Mania was technically amazing, great fun and had great music, I didn't go back to it like I still do with Castle of Illusion. Perhaps it's because, like most of the Disney games, it was on the short side which restricted it's lastability somewhat.
I really thought it was cool the way that tower on the second level spins around when your climbing it, and the same with the moose hunters level.

This game was actually re-released on the Playstation under a different name. It was a straight port, no improvements at all.