Mickey Mouse Screws Sega

Well Heres the story, Disney Owns ABC, and ABC owns ESPN. ABC also broadcasts Monday Night Football!! Whats the point of all this? Well Sega inked a licence deal with ESPN to use thier name in 2K3 games, now instead of supporting Sega's licence those bastards over at Disney inked a deal with EA to prompt Madden on Monday Night Football. Shit man, it soo pissees me off. Sega can't get a single break.
Huh... John Madden demonstrating plays from a game that sports his namesake. Yeah, Sega was REALLY screwed on that one.

Look, it was cute the first time, but one game isn't something to worry about. Sega makes other games too...
Originally posted by cherok@Sep. 30 2002, 7:07 pm

still, sega loses the espn , right? or did they? i may not be understanding this here

It's meaningless. NFL 2k3 has the look of ESPN - the play by play, etc. But ESPN doesn't carry as many football games as Fox, or as many premier games as MNF (MNF always draws higher ratings than the average game).

What Mr. Zero is complaining about is Madden (the video game) is being used on Monday Night Football to demonstrate plays. However, Mr. Zero leaves out the part that John Madden (the person) himself is now commentating Monday Night Football, which in turn gave rise to getting EA's help in said 'play describing'.

The reason why Madden is Monday night has nothing to do with video games or Disney having a vendetta against sega - instead it goes like this:

Pat Summerall, Madden's play by play guy since the dawn of time wasn't resigned by FOX (stupid move). Without Summerall, Madden decided to leave FOX as well and was brought to MNF, which was suffering from idiot commentators (Al Michaels excluded) and declining ratings. So, in a brilliant move, Al Michaels teams with John Madden, and the greatest commentating team in sports is forged (and I must say I'm really enjoying watching MNF now).

Realistically, it's a logical move. It helps EA and it helps Disney, and has nothing to do with Sega or ESPN.

But, I will have to say Troy Aikman in commentary is outstanding as well. Not only was he an outstanding quarterback, but he's fairly intelligent as well (concussions? brain damage? you'd never know it).
shit, i thought john madden was dead.. that shows how much i should care haha..

It is too bad though, will sega have the oppourtinity at FOX?