selling my saturn/sega cd

thought i'd offer it to the forums before hitting up ebay. nothing's modded, and all games are US versions. here's my list:



Sega Saturn console (w/ power supply and AV cable) $40 ($35 w/o controller)

Sega-issued controller (model 2) $6

Interact EclipsePad $5

Sega 3D Control Pad (w/box and all inserts) $10

2 orange Sega-issued Stunner light guns $10 ea.

Andretti Racing $10

Andretti Racing (no instructions, broken case) $7

Bootleg Sampler (w/ slipcase) $3

Bootleg Sampler (w/ slipcase) $3

Bootleg Sampler (CD only) $2

Bootleg Sampler (CD only) $2

Clockwork Knight $10

College Slam $10

Criticom (broken case) $8

D (2xCD only) SOLD

Daytona USA $8

Daytona USA (w/ slipcase) $4

Daytona USA (w/ slipcase) $4

Daytona USA (CD only) $3

Daytona USA: Championship Circuit Edition $10

Defcon 5 $10

Die Hard Trilogy (no instructions) $8

Earthworm Jim 2 (broken case) $9

Gex (broken case) $9

Hang-On GP $10

Iron Man/X-O Manowar in Heavy Metal (CD only) $3

Madden NFL 97 $10

Madden NFL 97 (no instructions, missing front of case) $6

Magic Carpet $12

Myst $10

NASCAR 98 (broken case) $8

Need For Speed, The $9

Nights (NFR jewel case) $9

NHL 97 (broken case) $8

Panzer Dragoon Playable Preview (w/ slipcase) $5

Panzer Dragoon (CD only) $5

Powerslave $10

Quake $10

Resident Evil $15

Road Rash $10

Sega Rally Championship $10

Sega Rally Championship (missing front of case) $9

Shinobi Legions $10

Sonic 3D Blast (broken case) $8

Sonic 3D Blast (missing front of case) $8

Sonic R $15

Tempest 2000 $10

Tomb Raider (broken case) $8

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 $10

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (no instructions, missing front of case) $6

Virtua Cop (w/ slipcase) $4

Virtua Cop (CD only) $3

Virtua Fighter (CD only) $3

Virtua Fighter Remix (w/ slipcase) $4

Virtua Fighter 2 $10

Virtua Fighter 2 (CD only) $3

Virtua Fighter Kids $12

Worldwide Soccer (broken case) $8

X-Men: Children of the Atom (CD only) $4

That Virtua Feeling audio CD (disc only) $2



Sega CD console (version 2, w/ universal, non-Sega power adapter) $10 ppd

i just tested the sega cd and it's not loading games. it worked the last time i played it, but now the BIOS screen comes up and gives me a "no disc" message of some kind. it's now $10 ppd.

Bill Walsh College Football (broken case) $5

Bouncers $7

Double Switch (broken case) $5

Dungeon Master 2: Skullkeep $7

Ecco the Dolphin SOLD

ESPN Baseball Tonight (broken case) $5

Eternal Champions: Challenge From the Dark Side $8

Frankenstein/Dracula 2-Pack $8

Heimdall (CD only) $3

Jurassic Park (broken case) $5

Lethal Enforcers (CD only) $3

Loadstar: The Legend of Tully Bodine (missing front of case) $5

Midnight Raiders (missing front of case) $5

NFL's Greatest: San Francisco vs. Dallas (broken case) $5

Panic! $7

Prince of Persia (CD only) $3

Sega Classics 4-in-1 (CD only) $3

Sewer Shark (CD only) $2

Sewer Shark (CD only) $2

Sonic CD $8

Tomcat Alley (instructions missing cover, missing front of case) $5

Who Shot Johnny Rock? (broken case) $5

Wirehead (missing front of case) $5



Mega Mouse w/ orig. red mouse pad $8

Genesis Cleaning system (w/ box) $3

Andretti Racing (no instructions) $2

NBA Jam (cartridge in replacement case) $2

NFL Football '94 starring Joe Montana $2

NHL 97 $2

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 $4

GameMaster: Conquering Sega Genesis Games book by Jeff Rovin $2

email me or post in this thread with what you want, and your ZIP code (for shipping purposes), and we will talk. if something is way too much for you we can wheel and deal. so just let me know. i'm pretty reasonable.

my email address is
i'll ship to australia. just like everyone else, you'll have to pay for the actual shipping cost. it'll be a bit higher for australia, though. also, these are all US versions, just so you know.

Can you tell me a little more about the "Justifier" gun for the Sega Saturn? I'm intrigued. I didn't know there were any other good guns made for the Saturn besides the Stunner/Virtu Gun and all "cheap" 3rd party ones (Innovation made a black six-shooter called the "punisher" I believe.). Are these actual Justifier guns? Made by Konami (It should say Konami on them.)? Are they old-west style six-shooter/revolvers or more of a modern pistol looking? And orange you say? I'm very interested depending on who makes them. The only orange game guns I'm aware of are the American Laser Game Guns for the Sega CD and they were only made for the Sega CD and 3DO as far as I'm aware. What kind of plug do they have on them?Thanks.
Doh!!! Never mind.. I just figured it out. You're talking about the orange Sega stunner guns (US issued). I have black JAP import Virtua Guns (same thing only black). DUH!.. my bad. Sorry.


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hey, thats what I am here for, a cheap laugh... a wise man once said... "if you cant have people laugh with you, at least let them laugh at you."

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :D :p
hahaha... i kept my saturn, my sega cd broke, and i don't have any other games to sell.

well, i have like some loose cds and a broken sega cd, but that's it.

nice try though dudes :)


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blast.... foiled again... and I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids..... :lol: