Micro Machines

I first played this game on genecyst a couple years back. I loved this awesome racer. Tons of obstacles n stuff and the controll was all there.
Yeah, that is right up there with Super Mario Kart for party driving games.

Shame about the many lacklustre copies it spawned, but I guess all great games do
One of my favorite titles for the Genesis. Great, great party game. It didn't hurt that Micro Machines were some of my favorite toys. I recently scored a damn near perfectly mint/complete copy for $10 and gave my old cart and case only copy to my girlfriend's 12 year old brother. Now he can see what REAL games were like (he loves it!)
Originally posted by IceMan2k@Aug. 25 2002, 11:25 pm

Dude!  Now I gotta go out and find me some micro machines if they still make them

I still have all mine.  Couldn't bare to part with them.  The sets I have are all a little beat up and missing parts, but the cars are what count!  Especially those cool little "insiders."
Yeah, great fun and very addictive. Proof that European game developers can do some things better :)

The 4 player version of Micro Machines had a special cart with 2 extra control slots on the cart itself. Quite a find... I think it was Micro Machines 96, although it had a different title in the US.
In my younger days I could be bribed to do pretty much anything with the promise of a packet of Micro Machines

The guy who I live with isn't really into games much at all, but he almost wet his pants when he saw I had Micro Machines on NesterDC. He then went out and got one of the Megadrive ones and Micro Machines V3 on the PSX. The only game he can frequently beat me on
Micro machines,what can i say that has not been said allready?

nothing lol.cool game

love knocking a m8 off the course,forcing them to lose,lol brilliant stuff.me and my m8s had many a argument with this game.