Midi section    need your help


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What do you guys think of a midi section?

Those of you with SBlives and huge soundfonts will probably love this as bigger soundfonts = bigger sounding MIDIs.
MIDI's are cool. I assume you are talking about game music MIDI songs?

Big soundfonts don't necessarily mean better sound tho'... I have a ~120Meg GM soundfont that has about 4 decent samples in it...
If you want ill be more than happy to clooect songs for you from the net is there any specific requirements your looking for ?

What are sb font ?
I have generally listened to alot of soundfonts and usually the bigger they are the better the midi sounds. Hammersound had ALOT of good free sound fonts.
Yes, I know of hammersound - great site - it's where I have downloaded most of my decent soundfonts, but also some of my not so decent ones