Misc Sega News


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Here is some misc news off the Sega grapevine for you.

Sega GT Online will be released for the XBOX in October for 6800yen ($57USD).

The Release date for Rent a Hero No. 1 will be pushed back about a month to early September.

Sega also announced they will reorganize the development studios in the following scheme:

*Sonic Team and United Game Artists - focus on games for light users and younger audience

*Hit Maker and Sega Rosso - focus on original games and new genre

*Wow Entertainment and Overworks - focus on games for all age groups

*Amusement Vision and Smilebit - focus on high-profile titles and movies (FMV and CG)

*Sega-AM2 - focus on hardcore games

*Two additional studios will be formed, one for sports games, another one will be headed by Yu Suzuki, which will focus on top hits titles.

Thanks to The Magic Box for the News