Miscellaneous loose ends list


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Inspired by arromdee's post in the gamehelp section. I'd like to start a thread where everyone can post odd things in games that they can't figure out. This includes items that appear to be useless, areas that can't be reached, areas that appear to have no reason for being in a game, in game references to things that seem to have to do with something extra and unsolved, and so on. Most of the time this stuff can be attributed to beta versions. (like mysterious locations in screenshots on the back of game boxes) but lets see if we can get some decent speculation, or definitive facts about any of this weird stuff.

Here's one of mine.

Sword of Vermillion: What is this rhythm spell? On the back of the box there's a spell readied called Rhythm... i've played through that game several times and there's no such spell in the game.