Mod chip help

Hi all,

Sorry to add another mod chip thread to the board, but I'm not having any luck atm...

I've installed a mod board in my model 2, 21-pin Saturn. It all goes okay, but when it loads up, it always goes to the CD player screen, reads the disc and won't boot *any* games, burnt or original, PAL (it's a PAL console), US or JP. I tried bridging the different points (0019/0014), but they didn't make any difference. I'm tempted to nab another board, and re-connect the wires to see if it works in case the board has blown somewhere along the line, but wanted some thoughts on the situation first. It's on a 64-pin chip, versus the other style (32? Can't remember - installed a board on one of those on the weekend and it worked perfectly) if that's of any help.

If anyone could give me a clue, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks guys,