Mod for Model 1 Saturn?


I think I have a model 1 saturn. It was one of the first I believe. Is there a mod chip available for it or only model 2? Basically I'm trying to find the safest route to getting my backups to run without damging the Saturn too bad. If worse comes to worse and I need to do the swap thing which I have not tried yet excpet for the PSX, can someone please direct me to the best solution for swapping? I will probably need to modify the door right? Also does it help at all that I have a Saturn Gameshark?

Thanks and hope you can help.
I actually need help in finding out which model I have. I just looked at the model number and it is MK 80000 with oval shaped buttons, it came with Virtua Fighter if that helps. I'm hoping I can get a mod chip for it.


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You need to open up the Saturn's case and have a look at the hardware inside.

If there is a 20 pin ribbon cable connecting the CD board to the mainboard, it's model 1.

If there is a 21 pin ribbon cable connecting the CD board to the mainboard, it's model 2.

I don't know for sure, but I'm guessing that you have a model 1 Saturn on your hands.
and getting the chip for M1 is very hard...

I'm still looking for a source in Japan where I can get 20/21pin dual chip... I saw one went for sale on Yahoo Japan recently so it is still available some where... :(
Racketboy, has a guide been compiled for that as of yet? I think it'd be interesting to get some model 2 mods edited for model 1. As well, thanks for helping my sell the saturn :D


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I may be getting a model 1 soon just to try this mod... I'll try to write a manual, never wrote one before but I guess nows no better a time then any other. On top of scanning those manuals... grrr, and school and work and 2 trips around the country. Do I ever sleep?
Beh, just got another Saturn at a yardsale Friday, and of course it's a model 1, 20 pin ribbon. =_=

I really, REALLY don't want to have to do the swap trick crap... and I had no luck finding 20 pin mods for my first Saturn... So lemme know if they turn up. Too bad nothing can be done about my Rev2 Dreamcast. 9_9
only option at the moment is hacking 21pin chip for M1 Saturn...

I've been looking for dual 20/21 pin chip but so far nothing comes up... :(
Sweetness, this seems like it's in my realm of ability. Now to gather the funds for the proper 21 pin mod chip....
i wonder if the same fix would work with a modboard from lik-sang.

got me a chip from them some time ago and it's been laying here for quite some time now, doing nothing but collecting dust :)