Modchip install on a NZ Saturn

Hey i'm looking to mod my saturn, its a New Zealand model which I brought brand new back in about 96:). When I opened my saturn it was full of spider webs and a few dead spiders lol, still works fine though :). Just one different thing I have encountered with my Saturn is that it has the green Model 2 32 Pin IC main board, but the power board where the 5v power wire goes is actually the same as the Model 2 Sanyo Board. It has the 5 pins instead of the 4 on the normal Model 2 32 Pin IC board.

Hopefully it won't matter (I can't see why it would) just thought it was wierd as all the guides i've read about installing the modchips all have 4 pins where the power wire goes. Just wondering if anyone else has come across the same thing and can verify that the modchip will still work fine.

Hello, don't worry. No problem.

You only need 5v, don't matter how many pins you have (if you look carefully maybe yo can see 5v write in the side of the pin)


P.D: Spiders like good machines :rock: