modded ps1& screen-Import Game

modded ps1& screen-Import Game

I have a modded PSone with interact mobile monitor - comes with power supply and a/v cable and one PSone dualshock controler

the PSone has the steath V chip in it (if that matters to anyone) which is suposed to play every game

It plays backups and imports

the screen has some scuffs but they dont affect the image when your playing the game besides if it bothers you i belive it can be easily replaced with another thin sheet of plastic

the screen also has an auxiliary A/V input so you can also plug in what ever else you want - like a CDX, a neofami, or tiny dvd player (for portability)

asking $90 + SHIPPING

I Also have a gray PSX for sale comes with power cable, a/v cable, and controler $25+shipping OR TRADE

Also have a Japanese import PSX game called Star Ixiom $20 +shipping OR TRADE

Also have a modded psx (gray) includes hook ups and controler $60 + SHIPPING

thanks for looking - Please PM me with any questions and offers
modded ps1& screen-Import Game

not to derail, but the modded psone is a bit expensive considering you can get the psone screen for like 16 bucks at Kmart...
modded ps1& screen-Import Game

yea? so PM me with an offer if your interested

also i havent seen kmarts have anything for the PS1 for quite some time - i think last Sept kmart liquidated much of thier ps1 related stock