not too much of one anyway...... well i have thi 1995 saturn (july)which is a model 2 (is there a model 3, what time frame was it produced?) and when i open up the system, there is all sorts of secuitry on the top part of the case with wires that go to the bottom part of the cae, making it dificult, from what i can see, to remoe the case and put a board in it. is this totally normal and i am just being dumb? because in all the instructions there is not steps to get the top case off and removing wires, or is that just common knowledge? thank you very much.
that's no "security", that's simply a different type of lid switch, which is embedded into the top case and not on the main pcb.
god #### i am dumb, i meant "circuitry"........... so all i do is try to get that lid off without ripping the wires. then everything should be normal?
alright, now here is the problem, this IS a 20-pin system. now what do i do? is there a board that exsists for this model? where could i possibly get it? will it work the same? thanx
there are 20 pin mods, but:

- they're more rare than the holy grail

- they'll cost you more than a model 2 and a 21 pin mod together.
fyi: consoleking/videogame company advertises 20 pin modchips, but dont actually have them (they think 21 pin ones are 20 pin i guess) several people have told them this, but they havent corrected it
ok, then i will rule that out, and more than likley resort ti the swop trik for this system......... now, what about for model 1 systems? is there a board that you can use on these? (i have another question not really related, i have 2 SS's, one is a model 1 1997, and one is model 2 1995, how is this posible? to have a new version be older than the previous version model 1)
quite easily

some model 2's have model 1 cases for one of two reasons, either when the units were built the model 2 motherboard was used, but they had spare model 1 casings left, so they used those, or a dealer has swapped the upper casing (maybe if one was dammaged?) from another unit

the model 2's in model 1 casings arent that uncommon though, so if you think you might have one open it up and count the pins on the cdrom ribbon cable

if its 20 its model 1

if its 21 its model 2 (and modchipable easily)
your better off looking for and buying an actual model 2 saturn in this case as the 20 pin mods are near impossible to find. I had to basically do this myself when the model 3 I got wouldn't allow me to mod it with the mod board I had either. I was able to find me a model 2 saturn that I can mod but it was just the joysticks or anything...for 10 bucks.

worked for me...