Model 2 emulator 1.0


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- Finally fixed VF2 hair problems, now all graphics are correct

- Added LUA script support for options, cheats and other uses (check model2lua.txt in SCRIPTS folder)

- Added texture replacement support (check model2lua.txt in SCRIPTS folder)

- Added widescreen support (needs per-game lua scripts to know when to enable it). Requires a wide

fullscreen resolution or WideScreenWindow set in emulator.ini

- Fixed texture border detection for textures that caused wrong colors & pixelation on borders

- Simplified pixel shaders (half the texture fetches)

- Improved House of the dead FM sound

- Fixed VF2 wrong sound speeds

- Fixed background distortion on Dural stage in VF2

- Added STCC Euro

- Added Sonic the fighters.

- Fixed Virtual On missing background color on title screen

- Rewritten SCSP code for improved accuracy

- Fixed ATI video card gfx problems

- Fixed audio stuttering on some windows 7 machines

- Added Sega Rally Championship rev B

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