Modified Swap Trick

I was playing around with the swap trick last night, and I think I found an easier way to do it. The reason it's easier is that you have something to judge when to do the second swap, and I think it's not so imperitive that you get the timing just right.

First, you start the system up with the burned game in, and do the first swap as normal. Then you let the normal game boot up. I thought that you would have to do it a different way if the normal game had more tracks than the burn, but upon further testing, you don't. And doing it the different way will cause you problems.

Then, you hit the reset button. Now it starts booting from where the first swap would leave you. You have to swap to the burn as the sound is fading out. Not just as it starts to fade out, but just a little before it would be done fading out. Then you just let the burned game load.

I can get this to work almost all the time, wheras I could only get the normal method to work when I would get lucky once every couple hours of trying.
I'm not saying this method sucks (and you're right about the TOC; it's not read on a reset, at least on my system), but a normal double swap can be timed based on the sound of the laser moving.
Hey das. :)

As for basing the second swap on when the laser moves, I don't see how you can do it. If you swap when the laser moves back to the inside of the disk, the laser moves back to the outside and tries that check again. It doesn't go to the Sega logo screen until a little over a second after it goes back to the center. And you have to do it just before it swaps. And I could never get that time right.

I've tried the normal swap trick for hours at a time before either giving up or getting it right, and this one I get right every time. So for me, this is much better than the normal trick.

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Sounds like you have a late model 2... those can be a complete pain in the ass to swap. My friend has one, I might ask him if he wants to give your method a shot...
I wouldn't know what would be a late model, but you can check by the manufactured date on the bottom of your system. Mine is August 1996. I wonder if I'd have to use this method on my other system. I wouldn't mind it, as it's plenty easy. I think the reason you have to swap so close to the change to the Sega logo screen with the normal trick is that it's waiting to finish checking something to switch to the next screen, and when it gets to the next screen it checks something else. With my method it finishes checking whatever it's checking, and then waits for the sound to end to go on to the next screen. So you have a lot more time to switch to the burn before it starts checking the territory and whatever else it checks on the Sega screen.
Interesting. I can now do the normal swap trick as well. After successfully doing this many times, I decided to test something else. This time, using the sound it plays as a guide for when to do the second swap, I also listened to the laser moving. The swap came out to be a little over half a second after the laser moved, I believe. So I tried the normal trick, swapping it as close to the same timing on the laser move as I could. And it worked.

So what was confusing me was clashing information in the instructions. It said to do the swap about half a second after the laser moved, which should be just before it switches to the Sega screen. However, swapping then on my system is a good 3/4 second before it goes to the Sega screen.

So the half second timing was about right, but it's hard to judge how long that is exactly, as sometimes you count too fast and then it goes back to checking the outside of the disk. So I could get the timing down after doing the swap with something to judge the timing by, as opposed to just counting and hoping you're not counting too fast or too slow.

So now I'm thinking of finding a way to incorporate this simply as something to help with the swap trick, as opposed to an independant swap trick. The reason for that is that the normal swap trick takes less than half the time.

I hope you understood all that.
stops spinning and never starts up? cuz when u take a cd off or put one on while the drive is spinning, its always gonna stop. what i always do when swapping is after i pop the cd on, before i take my hand away, i give the cd a little boost in the right direction (clockwise). i'm successful about four out of five times (i have a model two saturn and i go by the laser sound/movement). the one out of five is when the cd slips or i just completely fubar it, otherwise just get used to the timing and movement. oh yah, i normally dont use the swap trick, its just that my mod chip broke and i'm waiting for someone to mail me the spare i let him borrow. :eek:P
It's supposed to stop spinning. And the fact that it does prevents you from damaging your Saturn from doing the swap trick.
Your modified swap trick was quite easy. Maybe I'll use it from now on, I'm not sure. I can get the normal one about 4/5 times, not too big of deal which I use I guess, hehe.