im not talking about the LCDs and normal im talking about "perfect flat" from view sonic or any other brand which is no curve in the monitor tube. What is your favorite? a little curve or none?
If you've been viewing curved screens all your life and suddenly view a "perfect flat" screen, it seems weird as your eyes have to adjust to viewing it that way, completely flat.
I got the KDS Radius over summer. I spent about $400, #### expensive but worth every penny!! I just love it. I got the 15in screen and it feels so much bigger then my old crt monitor even though there supposed to be the same size...anyway I definately recommend getting a flatscreen. The only problem I see is having the monitor support really high resolutions. Other then that their great.
Personally I'm a big fan of my 19in FD Trinitron Flatscreen. I think the picture quality is just much sharper than a curved
Gotta go Trinitron. Neatest thing is the smaller ones are _really_ sharp and actually not that expensive.

(e.g. got a nice little 15 inch monitor from the campus computer store for only $250 Canadian -- that's about $155 US) Not sure what they go for elsewhere.
flat screens are a godsend for people who use their pc for anything more than email and porn surfing (and even those who do)

not having to mess with trapezoid/stretch/squash etc controls to compensate for a curved screen is wonderful..

and as far as flatscreen tvs.. not having to cut off a few lines of resolution on the edges to compensate for the curved tube kicks ass too (tv's are low res enough without having to fudge off the edges)
Yeah, I have to agree, the flat screens are worth every dollar you spend on them. I especially like the glare reduction you get from these monitors. Definately makes playing games a #### of a lot easier on your eyes if your near any bright light.