More High Scores!


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MoRGaN FReeMaN has sent in 4 high scores for Sega Rally Championship for the Sega Saturn for the Desert, Forest, Lake Side, and Mountain Courses!

Barracuda score has been topled in Sega Rally Championship in the Desert, Forest, and Mountain courses by MoRGaN FReeMaN! Right now MoRGaN FReeMaN has the only score for the Lake Side Course. All 3 of them, Barracuda, MoRGaN FReeMaN, and VBT have VERY close scores! Fun Fun!
nice :)

I'm gonna bring one of my saturns to the city where I am studying... Now I've got some times for reference ;)

Good work MoRGaN FReeMaN! :cool:

Edit: hmm, IceMan2k I think it would be better to make another table only for SRally scores... it's confusing the way it is now <_<


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shit, Morgan sent his times. He already sent them on I'm not a good player on Sega Rally. I could post my great times on STCC, Daytona, Daytona Deluxe but I don't have a digital camera. :(

Anyway here are my latest times on SR1 PC :

Best Lap : 52'72

Desert : 2'39'71