More Rumors of EA buyout of Sega

Man, that sucks. I thought sega going third party solved this stupid problem. Now they might be going out SNK style.
Of all the possible mergers, I HATE the idea of merging with EA. I would almost rather they fold. Because the quality will go straight down!! I remember what happened to Origins. They made some sweet games until EA came along.

I honestly would rather MS devour the company. At least then, their quality would stay high. Look at Bungie. Even though they are MS, their games are still good. The down side to a MS merger, I would have to pick up an X-Box. You know Sega would be exclusive to the XBox.
Agreed. EA buying Sega = NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

If MS bought them, they'd still be free to make awesome Sega games. I still wouldn't like it, but it would at least free them of monetary burdens and allow them to be Sega still.
Definetely not good to hear, but somewhat expected. But rumors about EA and MS have been flying around for quite a while. As of now, though, SEGA seems to be doing all they can to bring themselves back. They've finally came out of the red this year, and they're downsizing/merging their internal development teams to save money. So I think SEGA will keep going until they absolutley have no choice, cause right now SEGA is still kickin'.

But yah, if it happens MS is my prefered choice over EA, cause EA suxors.
My English is not thwe best, since I'm German, but didn't the article state, that the thing with EA would only happen to SEGA of America. Yeah, it would suck for the most of the people on this board, however it still would be undetermined what would happen to Sega JP and Sega EU, wouldn't it?

Or am I talking complete :bs due to my lack of English? :confused
Nah.. it's fine, I could read it (I like your Avatar BTW, Sailor Uranus kicks ass!). I would die if Sega ever got bought out. All these damn fanboys at my school give me enough crap as it is about my beloved DC (I'm just glad they don't know how much I love my Saturn. I wouldn't be able to live without my Saturn!)