Most successful launch...

I remember when the Dreamcast launched, EGM said that it could have been the most successful 24 hours in entertainment history. Sega generated loads of revenue with that launch, and thus I believe it was the most successful console launch ever seen. But then with the subsequent launch of the PS-2, X-BOX and GCN I was wondering if the DC held it's title, especially with the console shortages of a few of the launches. Any ideas guys?
but if you go to, say an elementary school, you'd notice almost every other kid has one

and they're nintendo's main target audience for gameboy advance.
Well i was just curious because the PS2 is hardly what one may consider successful seeing as how there were no units available and although they generated TONS of unnecessary hype they had no units and I suspected launched prematurely to avoid the impending Dreamcast onslaught (although some may say they inadvertanly pushed some to the dreamcast) The XBOX was apparently all false sales numbers and from what i can tell (although i don't like the system) the Cube had a half decent launch. So, anybody know whats going on? Does the DC still hold the title?