Mouse Mats

Mine is OLD as hell... Bottom part is a OLD clipboard! (used way back in school) and a 5 year mouse pad (normal) works very well as the clipboard is a little surface for the mousepad so i can move it anywhere.
i dont even use a mousepad...i use a book...
I'm a trackball kind of guy. Logitech marble I won at a computer show drawing in NYC when they first came out. Its never failed me yet.
Don't have a mousepad, because I don't have a mouse!

I have a trackball.

I find that trackballs don't tire my hands out like a mouse does.
I dont like optical EXCEPT when im doing a massive 3d game or something that NEEDS precsion on mouse for game. Otherwise I had choice.. I went with ball. WHY? Optical didnt move as well with my fingure.. Ball mouse I can hold in my hand and use my index to move at same speed as if it were on mousepad... optical failed that test. ALSO on "bumpy" type surfaces it didnt work well. Track ball is ok but not for gaming.
Originally posted by Mysticales@June 28 2002,21:16

Track ball is ok but not for gaming.

True, but it depends on the game you're playing.

Most regular PC games are better with a mouse, but classics like Marble Madness and Missile Command play best with a trackball
I don't have an optical mouse because they are too much overpriced here.

I still have the old mousepad I have since my old 386 .
It's of a guy yelling, and it says, What Happens When Plan B Fails?, Then it reads Sunguard Secure. And it's rolled up and used as a wrist rest because, I too have an optical mouse.
i got a sweet MS optical mouse mouse.. i had one and it died.. my ball mouse lasted the best part of 20 minutes befor i cracked the shits and went and got another ms optical mouse

did anyone here have them OLD opticl mouses that required a black and white dotted mouse pad?
Am I the only one with a good old fashioned mouse? lol

I've got a 3D Star Wars mouse mat with a pic of the Hoth battle on it, and a Worms 2 one that I don't use anymore.
I'm using a RatPadz mouse.. uhm.. board.

and a classic logitech wheelmouse.

I got tired of wearing through 10-15 mousepads a year, so I got this one.. and that ain't gonna wear through.
I use a 3m percise mousepad with my logitech first mouse+. I was lucky to find this pad with the voodoo 5 face on it
(never had a voodoo 5, but it's the best of the designs i've seen for this pad)

edit: bad thing about this pad is it does wear out (upper left corner of my 3m pad is wearing flat) and it does have a tendancy to slide a bit (not much though)
i hate optical mouses, had 2 microsoft ones and they both broke, and its not just that, they are not as quick as a normal mouse, for example if you are playing quake 3 you have to turn around v.quick and you move to quick on the mouse, the mouse gets confused because you are moving to fast and it goes some random way. but cordless mouses are good with rollerball i have a logitech