Movies section

Hi all

After a quick search through the forums i found that some sections had to be removed due problems with server/bandwidth/something (?).

I as just wondering if someone knows how i could get some of the movies, specifically the Saturn Shenmue video.

Thanks in advance.
Thanks a bunch
If you can get me some space on a T1 line or greater then I could put up the movie section once more.
Would it include the Sakura Taisen and Grandia Segata Sanshiro commercials? Which commercials would be included the next time?
Yea, it would include all that and MORE.

I have a ton more stuff then Chakan does on SegaFans. I just need space and a descent connection.
Why didn't you put up all of the Segata commercials the last time? There is a question in nx's general forum for you.
Was it that long ago? I didn't realize time had passed so fast but I was here the last time you put up the segata sanshiro commercials or someone did. You or someone else didn't include grandia or sakura taisen. I don't think you put up the music video either but the collection was a pretty full one.
yea, i have those and the music video. It's funny to see him dance around with all those pink flowers around him.
All I have seen of the sakura taisen commercial is what is in the music video. I believe he is rolling around with sakura through the fallen cherry blosoms. I can't remember if the music video showed any of the dancing.

The last time I particularly enjoyed the phantasy star commercials and the tampon commercial. I am not endorsing an upload of all the PS commercials but maybe the tampon one.

Since there isn't enough room for all the videos are you thinking of doing a rotation?