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I have great programs to adjust the volume or bit rate of MP3 files.

But, I can only change songs one at a time. Does anyone know of programs that can change a whole folder or group of files at once? Commercial or shareware, whatever.

I'd like to adjust a wild bunch of files to one consistant bit rate (and even a nominalized volume) if that is possible.

If not, do you think it would be easy to make such a program?
For example, I have a program that can change the bit rate to whatever I want... higher or lower.

So, let's say I have a folder of 10 songs with bit rates ranging from 112k to 320k/sec. And I want to run the program so that it will automatically change them all to 128k.

I could do it one by one manually, but I want a program that can do all of them systematically.

Is it possible?


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well for one, you're wasting drive space by converting to a higher bitrate.

You will not get any extra quality, but the files will be bigger.


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Plus it'll sounds worse - converting MP3 files between bitrates will only screw them up more than they already are. CDex will do what you want, if you still want to do it...


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Any conversion you make on audio or video ANY conversion, decreases the quality to lower than what the source was at, even if the conversion is to a better format.
Well that's assuming you are converting to a lossy compressed format. But of course MP3 is that so yes quality go down the shitter on that.
The point of changing the bit rate is to make them all work on my MP3 player.

The player can only play files that are consistant. If one file is a different rate than the rest, my player will freeze up and turn off. When they are all 128k, it plays smoothly.

I'll end up manually converting them anyway for the player. Will the above program or any other program run through all of my files automatically?
Jeff as someone has already mentioned Cdex will do what you want, it's all I really use for messing around with mp3s , you can get it from

I must not be making myself clear.

I know I can do it individually file by file,

BUT I want to know if there is a program that can just do an entire collection of files at once.

For example, I run the program, point it to a folder containing my MP3s and with a click have each one converted without my doing it one at a time.

Does that make sense?


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That is precisely the question I answered when I provided you the link to CDex. What exactly did you think I meant when I said "CDex will do what you want"?

CDex works like this. You give it a directory, press the "Select All" button and then encode the files. Maybe you'll have to decompress to wav first - it's not hard to do with Winamp - but I'm pretty sure it'll do MP3->MP3 conversions.

Pearl Jammzz

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I reccomend Media Jukebox 8.0....not to be confused w/ musicmatch will rip/encone TONS of formats. Check it out, get it at