Mr Bones Music Video


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What do you think about it Fabrizo's new music video? Like it? Hate it?

Post your opinions here.
i'm downloading it now...tho i never played Mr bones, I always wanted to....i have seen the preview movie on sega flash* 4(or 3)

*Sega flash: 7 Demo CD's came out under this name in the Uk for the sega Saturn.
It can't be that rare, 'cos I've got it.
No it's not rare. It's one of those games you either love or love to hate. I liked it, have it and see it all the time in used game stores.
Please make some, now that I have space for them

I want this to be the biggest sega music video site around, among other things.
Fab's getting better at making music videos. One thing I think he could do better is to compress the CD quality version of the audio instead of using a downsampled version (i.e., 22.5 kHz 4 bit mono PCM). For example, although it takes up slightly more space, I think a 128 kbps 44.1 kHz stereo MP3 would serve better than a 22.5 kHz 4 bit mono PCM.