Mr. Perfect


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I'm not one to put up off topic posts, but this one got me.

Mr. Perfect of WWE/F fame, or known as Curt Henning in his WCW days, was found dead in his hotel room today. Foul play isn't suspected - he was scheduled to wrestle a match later that night, but when he didn't show for a scheduled luncheon... well, you know the end.

Did anyone else grow up watching wrestling Saturday mornings? Mr. Perfect was one of those 'bad guys' you loved to hate. He was funny, flamboyant, and was a solid wrestler. When he came back for a short stint w/ WWE recently, I realized that mainstream wrestling was really missing people like him.

Rest in Peace, and thanks for the memories.
I used to be a wrestling fan as a kid (before I finally admitted to myself it was fake
).. Mr Perfect was a very good 'bad guy'. Nowhere near as gimmicky as wrestlers these days, but a far better villain since you could relate his bad points to people that you actually know. I'm sure everyone has come across a few 'Mr Perfect's in their time.

It's a sad state of affairs, but it doesn't seem to surprise me when wrestlers die young anymore.. There's been so many (Andre the Giant, Owen Hart, British Bulldog) you almost become desensitised to it.

Here's to all the enjoyment he brought through the years :cheers, and RIP.
Yeah, watching wrestling was a highlight of weekends in my youth. I remember pretending to be Mr Perfect. I was never able to lift anybody in trying to do the perfectplex, but that was because i was the youngest among the neighborhood kids and quite a weakling too.

Rest in peace, dude.
Definetly bites to hear that he is dead, too many wrestlers are dying lately. He was the funniest when he was in the nWo.
I was watching WWE Raw last nite, and at the begining it had said that Curt Henning was dead, they dedicated the show's intro to him. It was sad when his best friend Rick Rude passed away a couple of years ago. has more info on this. Too sad that this had to happen. One of my favorite quotes 'That is absoultley 'Perfect'