Hiya, been searching through the postings looking at your multibios. Liked your comment about dishwashing arcade PCBs :) very techie. Ive just ebayed me a fully functional european mega CD mark 1. Since the games are hard to get in the UK, im gonna chip it and go rom hunting later (nope, not begging, just a comment) How much are you selling the little beauties for? and what details for payment, delivery, etc?

Another thing is my jumpers on the megadrive unit are in a completly different place than the files, ithere is no capacitor on J1 but i wached my multimeter onto it and one end of it has J1 and 2, 3 and 4 linked. The jumpers are horisontal instead of vertical just below the expansion slot. Im gonna start messing around with an old unit to test this but has anyone else run into these things?


the multibios is 35$, plus 4$ shipping outside of germany.

comes with switches, socket, and eprom. check the tutorial at before considering it.

however, I need at least 3 orders before I order eproms again (which went up in price recently too :/ ), otherwise it won't be worth it. I had someone email me last week who's interested, so that'd make 2.

payment is done via paypal, and I send via airmail in a padded evenlope, with everything protected correctly.

as for the MD thing, the mod is exactly the same, just the jumper position varies.. there's like 4 or 5 board revisions, all with different positions, but the same functions.
Nice one, got a better one. I have the solder points for what looks like another D9 connector beside my RF modu, labelled CN4, the tracks go through the board and bugger off to the south somewhere... Dont suppose you know what this is for? i think i rmember a blanking plate in this position on my origional mega all those years ago, wish i never sold that...
the very first genesis models had a port labeled EXT, which was i.e. for the japan-only modem. it was removed later cause it had no real use. it's technically a third (inverted) joypad port, but no game uses it in any way.
Great, well thanks for the info, i have ended up with some spare megadrive boards at the moment due to my current project. I am building a games capable PC into the shell of a mark 1 mega CD. Im going to open another topic to see if anyone has any ideas for this. I have already found and gutted a non working unit, I am currently looking at the MATX footprint motherboard i am going to need. Working on mounting theories and cooling at the moment, Also looking at ideas for aesthetics. Im calling it the Mbox project :)