Multiplayer games?

Having just bought a 6 player adapter, I was wondering which games support it? I know only think of Saturn Bomberman...
Sports games seem to be a make up a number of 6 player adaptor games.

I've got FIFA 97 (1 to 6 players), Sega Worldwide Soccer 97 (1 to 4) and NHL All-star Hockey (1 to 12!) that all can use it.

I also just got a Mini 4WD racing game that can take 6 players. :)
Guardian Heroes - 6 players

Fire Prowrestling 6 Men Scramble S - 6 players

Three Dirty Dwarves - 3 players

Virtual Open Tennis - 4 players

WWF In Your House - 4 players

Noon - 4 players
I have an ftp of JUST multiplayer games:


Check the text files for other games that gamefaqs says is multiplayer that but I don't have...

Hey Mal would you mind uploading any of those three? ...I have a ton of stuff we could trade...

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These games are great multiplayer games for Saturn to:

Street Racer 8 players, great grafics, this game rules!

Blast Chamber Fun four player action, a bit different

Micro Machines Lots of players, great fun!
Yes, but i think it was only released i europe. I live in sweden and there are some games here that i havn´t seen on any us store. There is at least a demo of Micro Machines V3 for Saturn. I read about it in Sega Power.