multiple files

hi..thanx for the advice before, now i am wondering how to go about putting a cd together with multiple .rar files? please help this desperate newb lol
Are you talking about burning a CD from multiple .rar files? Your post is a little unclear. If that is the case...

Extract the archive and tell us what files you end up with. This will determine what steps you will then need to take. If you're keen to get on with it there are several burning guides here and within the forums themselves.

If you are talking about ripping a CD and the compressing it, SkankinMonkey has written a good walk through on the subject.

Don't be suprised if this thread gets moved to the Tech Help forum either.
all i get after messin around with it is a lot of bin files....the binchunker program wont there any way to make my damn iso?
You still haven't explained what your problem is. We're not psychics, or at least I'm not.
As antime says, you're not giving us much information. Perhaps starting again with all the details might help.

BTW do you get a .cue file with the .bin?
ok...i got a cue file, multiple mp3s whichi converted to wavs, and a winrar archive file.....when i unrar that file, it makes another winrar archive file....when i open that up there are about 150 bin files within do i do..
OK, once you un-RAR that first file you should get a file with the extension "ISO". This is the data track of the game and you don't need to extract anything from it, although WinRAR can open these files. So just make wav files from the mp3s, check that the filenames in the cuesheet correspond to the real filenames (you can use Notepad to edit the cuesheet) and burn the game.

(If you can't see the file extensions in Explorer, go to Tools/Folder Options.../View and uncheck "Hide file extensions for known file types".)
thats the wont make an iso....just another frickin winrar archive file, and with multiple winrar downloaded says it has to have a file to unrar the first file and theres an unexpected end of archive
Then you're missing some parts of the archive, or it is corrupted in some way.

Just to clarify: if you have WinRAR installed, ISO files will show as a "WinRAR archive" in the Type field in Explorer. You must have Explorer show the file extensions to differentiate between the real file types.

(edit: It occurred to me that WinRAR might be confused if the ISO is of a different type than mode1/2048, but I don't have one handy to test with. The help file doesn't say much about the ISO support.)
Ehh, it's an iso/mp3 rip. Burning as bin/cue won't due him much good (esp. since he doesn't seem to be able to extract his iso).
hmm... don't you usally just select the 1st .RAR file and go extract to folder... and then it will join archieves together.... now the problem you may have is also related to the new WinRAR v3.0 which uses alittle different rar format... and naming system... like filename.001.RAR, filename.002.RAR... which older version of WinRAR doesn't like... check to see if you have WinRAR v3.0... if not then goto and download it...


oh.. I just remembered... one site on the net I grabbed a game from.. used a different spilting program... called hjsplit.. or something fergot the name... the files could be splitted with this program.