Music problems with ISO+WAVs

I recently came across quite a number of BIN/CUE Saturn games, as well as ISO/MP3s. I have a modded rev. 2 Saturn. All the Bin/Cue games I've burned work flawlessly. I'm using Alcohol 120% for all my burning.

The ISO/MP3s are giving me a lot of problems, however. I convert the MP3s to wavs just fine (they play in winamp without any errors or anything). I then make a cue sheet to burn the ISO and audio tracks. The games play just fine, but every track after the first .wav file sounds horrible. Like, screeching, ear-bleeding, turn the sound all the way down horrible. I've also tried playing the audio tracks with the Saturn CD player, and I get the same result. I've tried all sorts of Pregap settings, and still, the only track that will work correctly is the first .wav file. Can anyone help me out?

Also, using Nero is out of the question, as it crashes my computer (I've tried multiple versions.)


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Congrats you're one of the very few people to solve your own problem on this board. You are now a welcomed member of the SX community. Now go vote for which T-shirt you like best in the general forum.

I only read his first post... I was already writing some helpfull hints... then I saw his 2nd post... way to go.. :)

I wish all newbies were like him :cool: