Music videos

Has anyone noticed, other then me, that their are no music videos made for saturn games? Fans make hundreds of music videos for final fantasy and other playstation games, so why then does the saturn get none at all? So why do you all think no one has made any?

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Playing games, not making videos of them? Well, you know, sometimes people are a little short on funds to get new games for their saturns, what do they do then?

Playstation has tons of fan made music vids, I would think saturn would be no different.

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Well, if it bothers you, why don't you get some people together to make a few? There are plenty of Saturn games that would make interesting music videos.
Well, I actualy just finished making a music video for Panzer Dragoon saga. In the middle of it I messed up a bit on voice sinking, but other then that I think its pretty good for my first attempt at making a music vid.
Well, I was trying to find music that would relate to saturn in some way. The saturn is black, and that led me to using the music "Black Magic". Also, Iceman, where should I upload the video to?

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The one I made for the saturn game panzer dragoon saga I never got to upload. None of my email acounts will let me send files over 1 mb, and Iceman2k doesn't like streamload (wich I still have the file on, ready to be sent), so it looks like me and my freinds are the only ones that will ever get to see it. Oh well, I think im going to make more anyways, because it sure is a lot of fun to make them :)