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Hi! I'm looking for a small-ish list of great UK Dreamcast games. Not ones that are impossible to get or cost £1000. I saw Sonic Adventure 2 for £14, is that good? Thanks


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I don't know about 14 quid, but just about all the really good DC games are perfectly affordable. Sonic Adventure 1&2, Shenmue, Shenmue II (might be a little more expensive), Daytona 2001, MSR, Toy Commander (should be real cheap), RE: Code Veronica (for the RE fans), Virtua Tennis 1 or 2. Heaps more - but there is a lot of gameplay in that list.

There are practically no games that cost a real mint for the DC (like Radiant Silvergun for the Saturn). Check out eBay for a lot of reasonable prices.


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What controller? Some special kind? I have the original Chu Chu Rocket and there is no mention of a dedicated controller.

But yeah, that is a good list up there. Allow me to add Sega GT European Edition to it.
Some suggestions:

- Jet Set Radio :cheers

- F355 Challenge (beatifull game, it's a real sim though...only 1 car)

- Test Drive Le Mans (excellent racer)

- Bangai-O (very cool treasure shooter)

- Headhunter (RE/MGS mix)

- REZ (a work of art)

- Space Channel 5 (part 2 is much better, but that's import only)

- Street Fighter III Double Impact and Third Strike

- Powerstone (get part 2 if you prefer a party game over fighting, part 2 also has 4 player support)

- Skies of Arcadia (one of the best RPG's I ever played)

- Tech Romancer (extremely cool giant robot fighting game)

And basically all the games mentioned above :agree


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£14 for SA2 isn't bad, I'd get it for that price. Sometimes goes for more than twice that on eBay UK.
Thats a decent price but I agree with klakalou that SA1 is overall a better game. I got SA1 for $15 Canadian unopened a year after its release and bought SA2 its first day out for around $60 CDN... and I liked Sa1 more

"the only really expensive game for dc is chuchu rocket with the controller "-megametalgreymon

The only thing I can think is that you've mistakenly put chuchu rocket in the place of Samba de Amigo, cause there is no chuchu rocket controller. Samba de Amigo has bitchin maracas that cost a lot so I'm pretty sure thats what hes reffering to. I shelled out $150 USD + shipping on ebay for 2 sets of maracas, don't regret it either.

as for games to look out for:

Rez, I can't get enough of this game....

Jet Grind Radio, better than the new xbox game IMO and simply amazing & original

Soul Calibur, harder to find but a launch title gem

Virtua Tennis, great fun (tennis, who'da thought). Still better than Tennis 2k2 IMO

Headhunter, great all around game

Toy Commander, I picked this up used cheap a couple of months ago and was quite impressed.

San Francisco Rush 2049, great multiplayer & arcady goodness

Samba de Amigo, even fun with normal controllers

I have so many more to mention but I haven't played my Dc in tooo long now, I think I'd better go do that



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the only really expensive game for dc is chuchu rocket with the controller -megametalgreymon

Maybe I should stock up, you can get Chuchu Rocket for about £1 here

Personally I preferred SA2 over the first one, mainly because there was none of that stuff between levels that really ruined the pace of it for me. I put in about 40 hours on SA2, but I was almost glad when I finished the first one.


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Anyone got any more suggestions?

I just bought a Dreamcast.


(sorry couldn't help it


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You like the brum brum games, don't you Mal?

In which case I'd have to recommend:

Crazy Taxi

Daytona (you have to mess with the calibration to make it playable though)

Sega Rally 2

Tokyo Highway Challenge 2 (first isn't so good)

Sega GT

San Francisco Rush 2049


Ferrari F355 (too sim-y for me but still good)

Test Drive Le Mans

I really like Wacky Races too

If you get yourself a wheel you'll be in heaven
I'd like to add one concerning fun racers, although nobody agrres with me:

Stunt GP by Team 17

IMHO this game owns. I never had as much fun with a racer on a Sega System since MicroMachines Turbo Tournament '96 on the Genesis.

But all other games mentioned above are really good picks.


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Thanks for the input guys.

I've got quite a shopping list now.

brum brum games...