Must have shooters!!!


Mid Boss
After playing Radiant Silvergun, I have relearned how awesome 2D shooters are. I have started to pickup some I played as a little kid; R-Type, Silphead, RS, Ikaruga, and others. I have every Sega console excluding the GG. What are some that I should look at picking up? I also have a PS2 and every Nintendo system. So recommendations on those are also cool.
On this note, I've been blistering away my fingers on Mars Matrix for Dreamcast. A great shooter...not graphically..but the gameplay is spot on. It is definately one of the (if not THE) hardest shooters and games I've ever played. It's as manic as shooters get...if you enjoy good gameplay and night after night of hair pulling, then this is for you. If you want to master it, be prepared to spend months....

Zero Gunner 2 for Dreamcast is supposed to be very good as well although I've never played it.

The giga wings are nice to look at and fun to play through a few times...but they don't have the replay that other shooters have.

Einhander for playstation is a unique and cool shooter....strays away from the usual formula with it's semi-unique weapon system and 3d graphics. Some of the parts in the game where the viewpoint changes are damn cool. Did I mention it's made by square?

Rez. Not really a shmup...but it's like LSD without the side effects.

There's tons more but it's bed time!
Definetly get Gaiares for the Sega Genesis. I think that is THE best shooter for the Sega Genesis.

Then get all the Thunderforce series. I believe Thunderforce 5 went on the Sega Saturn, but the rest were made for the Genesis.

Then there is Axelay and Gradius for the Super Nintendo.

Oh, and Elemental Master?