my 2 cents hehe :)

i have been encodding mp3 for a long time and since alot of saturn games are

ISO/MP3 and most of the rips have been done with the shityest encoders and cd

rippers out there i thought id show you a wicked way to encode mp3. So you can

have the smaller rips with VERY minimal loss in quality

--First off is EAC (Exact Audio Copy)

the only Win9*/NT/2K ripper that ensures you that your rips are 100% pop and click

free. Others rippers might be faster, but sound like shit when you listen to your

rip. There are clicks in the music among other things

EAC uses complex reading algorithms, as reading the same data over and over,

to get the best possible copy to wav. If it reads a complete album and reports

that "no errors occurred", you're sure that the rip is clean. When faults

do occur, it'll try to minimize them and signal you where they were detected.

Other programs might read fine for you, but when you read over a scratched cd (or even a normal cd to fast)

they won't tell you that the music you copied might be damaged. Good digital

music starts with good source .wav files.

If EAC doesn't work on your computer, you should try installing an ASPI layer

--Next is Lame

If the highest music quality is your goal, then this should be your encoder.

Is considered to be the highest quality and best optimized VBR mp3 encoder

availabe. Since version 3.60 ~> 3.70 the quality of the CBR encoder has

superceded the Fraunhofer codecs available. Simply put is is the BEST. hehe


Win32 front-end for the LAME encoder. Allows you to batch-process the wav ~> mp3

encoding process.

I Hope This Helps the scene
Unix users can use cdparanoia, but these programs aren't really needed unless the disc is in bad shape. If your rips skip even though the disc is in perfect condition you have other problems. For my ripping needs I use CDex which does both ripping and encoding (using various encoders, including LAME).
yea it can use the lame exe if you want it to

razorlame just has more options and its easyer to configure

most peeps wouldnt know what to enter in the comand line