My creation!

Well, instead of doing some actual work I need to do I decided to waste an hour or so creating something SX related. I just upgraded AIM to the new 5.0 version and thought the whole AIM Expressions thing was pretty nifty. So I figured I'd make my own. Long story short, here's my attempt at an SegaXtreme AIM Expression. It seems to work except the buddy icon, and I don't know why that is. If anyone wants to figure that out feel free. Here's the site with the link to install it. I claim no responsibility if it blows your computer up or anything. All I know is it worked for me (sans icon). Keep in mind I'm no photoshop whiz or anything, so it's mostly just graphics ripped from the site. I hope no one is offended by that, and if you are, I'll take it down at your request. Lemme know what you think.
Well, I'll try out 5.0, the beta didn't agree with anything about my computer. i hope this final release works, cause I look forward to seeing your creation.

Oh and thank you for getting Oingo Boingo's "Weird Science" stuck in my head.
Originally posted by SkankinMonkey@Sep. 11 2002, 12:25 am

how bout one for trillian, i refuse to install aim :/

I'll look into it. Though I've never used it before, so. I'll work on that instead of doing a final paper or something

Not much to look at, but eh. The .arf file is just a .zip file with jpgs and bmps. There's some more files in there, but I'm not sure where they come up. Aside from the buddy icon which I mentioned doesn't seem to want to work. Also if I have time there's some HTML things you can do to add to the side. I've not really looked into it yet, but I might update it later.

And I looked into Trillian. I think maybe that's beyond my pathetic skillz. I might need some real knowledge to figure that one out.
Agree on the Trillian skin :) Speaking of skin... I wish I could say this AIM thing isn't half bad, but it is... Apart from the SX logos being in the way of all the text, the windows and all look as standard-issue as ever. Not much to it, I'm sorry to say....