Casio Loopy Technical Spec help


I'm an artist who's slowly venturing into making games via Godot. However, I stupidly want to make games that visually fit the limitations of the Casio Loopy, and I need help getting the technical specs for the Casio Loopy to do this.

Every article I read on the oddity that is the Loopy, has no mention of a color palette, or screen size or anything, so I can't figure out what constraints to work within. This is one of the hotspots for homebrew that I know of, so I was hoping maybe someone here could help me figure out what the Loopy's palette or screen size was, or even just help me find a hardware manual for the thing.
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I see, so something like the NES's screen size? That might be it, they were aiming for a super famicom feel from what I've read. I've also heard that the machine uses a 32 bit processor similiar to the 32X but slightly weaker, so I may use the 32X's palette for this purpose. Still thanks for taking a stab at it.

I've also emailed the company that developed the Loopy's pack in game, Wanwan Aijou Monogatari, I doubt they'll respond, but if they give me any info on what the Loopy was like, I'll be sure to post it here.