Lets localize Terra Phantastica!


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So I did put some placeholder item descriptions in while Nerf works on finalizing the text:
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Some item names will change, and I'm sure the description text will as well but it still feels like progress to me!
(and its something I can show in a screen shot other then hex editor captures)

Most (all?) of the formation names are also in place......
View attachment 7697

But some still need their descriptive text inserted
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I reallllllly hope people give this game a go after all this work is done.
Wow! This looks very good! Clean and professional looking. Probably gonna be your best work yet!


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Just chuggin along*, doing what I can until we can implement the VFW routine

More menu text located and translated


And some more intermission menus translated as well.


* the text isnt finalized and should be considered placeholder for now.